Is anyone here an eligible US voter who doesn't vote in federal elections?

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  • ridg00262

    I'll bite. I'm eligible and registered but haven't voted since 2004. I have my mail-in ballot for 2020 but it will more than likely hit the trash. I live in a state that hasn't gone Red since the 60s. If I do send it, I'll write in Bernie.

    • Makes sense, although there must be some other initiatives on the ballot than just president, no? Not mention being counted in national stats.nb
    • I understand your unwillingness to put the effort in if you don’t see the benefit. Makes perfect sense.nb
    • True, there are state seats and county positions + city referendums on the ballot (garbage collection, etc.) but I'm just not that invested in the outcomes tbhridg0026
    • I absolutely love the theater of it all and think its fascinating from a social study standpoint though. Just not interested in participating personally.ridg0026
    • texas almost flipped from red to blue they saidpango
    • Texas is as much of a swing state as there is in the country right now. If the Republicans weren't one election away from fascism they'd be in very big trouble.CyBrainX
    • just pointing out texas has voted for Red for the last 40 yrs. It never changes till it does.pango

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