Dis or Dat?

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    - or -


    • I'm totally ready for dis.Continuity
    • Have we learned fucking nothing from ghostbustersscarabin
    • Dat. We learned from Ghostbusters that themes can't carry a shit script.MrT
    • FFSGuyFawkes
    • I look forward to how they handle Bond's promiscuity.monNom
    • I'm not a fan of the James Bond franchise, it's predictable and stale. I'm also not a fan of altering source material as a means of redressing gender imbalancesBaskerviIle
    • Rather than creating female versions of (male franchises) Ghostbusters, Ocean's 11, James Bond...why not create new better films centred on female characters?BaskerviIle
    • idris?misterhow
    • when is bond going to be a minority-transgender...renderedred
    • ... bisexual comminazi...renderedred
    • would be nice to see the extreme opposite of Bond, a character that I really don't like.oey_oey
    • like a poc that's queer and super feminist. a transgender Bond would also be interesting. for real or for fun. I would like to see that.oey_oey
    • if it''s a white guy again I will continue not to see Bond movies. Got tired of them in the 60's already.oey_oey
    • A great way to kill your franchise.utopian
    • Whitey's around the world will boycott 007utopian
    • franchises are so 20th centuryoey_oey
    • This white supremacy phenomenon in the guise of opposing political correctness is painfully tiresome. It's not fooling anyone either.CyBrainX
    • ^thisrenderedred
    • i'm bored of dat already. curious to see how dis burnspango
    • In the end I expect them to throw a shit ton of cash at Daniel Craig again.CyBrainX

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