Dis or Dat?

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  • Akagiyama1

    DIS: Toppings UNDER the patty:

    DAT: Toppings ON the patty:

    • I was Dat, but now I'm Dis.
      Also, aka 'Bottomings' from JKL-A.
    • "toppings" belong under the patty for support. disimbecile
    • We should start calling them 'accessories'.Continuity
    • Dis over Vegan "Patty" or inbetween or with extra stuff like caramelized onion, mushrooms or sour cucumber. Never dat.oey_oey
    • Dat.Nairn
    • I could maybe accept lettuce under the patty. The onion and the tomato need to meld with the cheese and the top sauces though. Not 'imo', 'Fact' :)Nairn
    • nairn is totes correctomundo on this most important of mattershans_glib
    • Dis is fo Ding Dongs
      Dat is Where its at
    • Dat, agree. They're called toppingsmisterhow
    • Also, fuck bacon on burgers. I love bacon, I love burgers, but a good burger really doesn't require bacon.Nairn
    • ^ Burger philistine.Continuity
    • dat crewsection_014
    • you're a monsterimbecile
    • DIS but eat it upside down anywaygrafician
    • datrenderedred
    • haha grafNairn
    • I like a mix. Lettuce below & tomato below. Onion and other pickled things on top of cheese, where it belongs. This is how In-N-Out does it.monospaced
    • Also, this needs more raw onion. ;)monospaced
    • ^ I'm with mono on this.oey_oey
    • Lettuce bed to catch the juices and keep the bun from sogging, cheese on top of meat, everything else can go wherever they want.garbage
    • Dat is prettierdrgs
    • datGuyFawkes
    • mono is a bottom...figures.utopian
    • Burger array variables.shapesalad
    • what the hell does that mean?monospaced
    • jesus, mono, really?
    • https://i.imgur.com/…imbecile
    • Well forgive me for not being so well versed in the specific labels for homosexual intercourse positions. Was that really your attempt at funny?monospaced
    • haha, this site still makes me laugh dailyfadein11
    • Geez...don't be such an uptight little twink.utopian
    • you guys either make piss or have a sword fight.oey_oey
    • Wow, this turned out WAY more entertaining than I thought it would. LOLAkagiyama
    • Lately I've been cheese tomatoes and pickles above, lettuce and oninios below.instrmntl
    • Only maniacs put lettuce or tomato under a hot piece of meat.sausages
    • I like it chopped up and stirred in a bucketscarabin
    • QBN never disappoints.
      Come for the design, stay for the drama!
    • ^ hahaha!oey_oey
    • datmilfhunter
    • You guys realize all you have to do is just hold it the other way round, right? It’s literally the same fucking burger but upside downscarabin
    • But that would put the cheese on the bottom and it would be very wrong. :)monospaced
    • If you mix it in a blender, its still the same burger. Your stomach could not tell the differencedrgs
    • @scara & drgs https://i.imgur.com/…garbage
    • Lolscarabin

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