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  • scarabin3

    Why doesn’t the government subsidize this stuff?

    • There's bigger business elsewhere.babydick
    • Ha and Ha!OBBTKN
    • Are you serious?OBBTKN
    • Why wouldn’t a gov subsidize tech that actively improves the environment for everyone?scarabin
    • Hydrogen is a dead end compared to electric.inv
    • It is just a way of storing power, only less efficiant. Plus, there is no infrastructure for it...inv
    • Hydrogen is wildly unstable. Every H-car is a potential (and potent) bomb.srhadden
    • yup, bunch of issues with hydrogen fuel. even though meme jpgs make it sound like magic. guess thats how we get our information these days...inteliboy
    • You’re wildly unstable and a potential bombscarabin
    • A perpectual murder machine. You pound the treadmill to provide electricity to power the car which in turn emits air and water. Stop and you die. Hurrah!face_melter
    • Hurrah!scarabin
    • Hydrogen IS electric, inv. And it's no less safe than gasoline, and in fact may be safer because it evaporates more quickly.sarahfailin
    • The reason we don't subsidize it is the fossil fuel lobby.sarahfailin
    • @sarahfailin, yeah. That is what I said. Basically a less efficient battery.inv
    • these masks are getting out of controlAQUTE
    • Tesla lobby don't like this. Why would Hyundai invest in this tech if it's a bomb?Beeswax
    • Hydrogen is abundant. IF you can make it safe, it's a reasonable fuel, just crazy difficult to make safe.srhadden
    • And that's just during normal operation, making it safe during crashes is a whole other thing. Then there's storage and transport in large volumes.. very dangersrhadden
    • oussrhadden
    • Swap the hydrogen for helium and if there's a pile-up the car will float away to safety and everyone gets a comedy voice to lighten the mood. Science, bitches.face_melter
    • Ammonia's where your hydrogen as an energy storage medium's at, ladies.Nairn

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