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    QBN log 2.7.2021

    A week has passed since my voyage across the outskirts of cyberspace landed me here in this... QBN. After contemplating my earlier interaction with this strange site I have decided to make changes with my approach. Perhaps I was too abrasive upon my arrival, the locals here are ... not kind, to say the least and not welcoming, to be frank.

    But after sitting back with a beer and contemplating the situation I now believe that I was at fault for confronting these locals as if I was one of their own. I am not. I have decided to use the tools the QBN ruling class have supplied us plebs to create this log and perhaps give other QBN users a perspective on how to interact with this unique planet. I do admire it's content and unique sense of humor. In this dying cyberverse increasingly controlled by The Borg I welcome it's independent spirit.

    In conclusion: I will share less posts and interact less with the users of this planet unless I have a decent joke or comment I have to blurt out. This is the way. These locals... I ... should not... antagonize further... for the peace of the cyberverse.

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