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    QBN log 2.12.2021

    It seems I've weathered the initial storm of negativity heaped down upon me in this strange planet. Although I have been more active than I had planned to be, I have kept a reserved status quo for the most part. The content here has been sharp with a personal highlight being the Robocop Remake feature which contained the scene produced by Fatal Farm https://www.qbn.com/reply/400684…


    Other than that a post by the delusional Scarabin was a high point. He had recalled his dreams of flight, which I have also had similar dreams in the past year. Scarabin has apparently been microdosing while I am as sober as can be. Interesting. https://www.qbn.com/reply/400702…

    Dreaming of flight is both a scary and delightful exercise. There is a fear of falling the entire time but slowly... as you realize you can fly... the fear... minimizes.

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