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  • drgs0

    My Yayhooray registration is still pending

    • What's your handle? We'll take care of it.palimpsest
    • i'm sure i had an account there, but it's claiming not to know my email addresshans_glib
    • You know how they say the way to survive your first day in prison is to go up to the baddest dudes you can find and punch them? To prove you got street cred?cherub
    • Getting into yayhooray is like that. First thing you need to do is insult Trust or Nicko. Tell trust he is a tattooed lifeloser and tell Nicko and the rest ofcherub
    • YayUK they are a bunchofcunts.cherub
    • I tried to register in early 2010s. Made another try: "There is already a pending user for your IP"drgs
    • Nicko is a clever cunt. He sets up the reg server to log your ip and mac address. This cuts down on the fake accounts. I had like 5 fake accounts besides cherubcherub
    • my login no longer works (dbloc) tried to re-register and nothing..I think I saw a tumbleweed roll by....It's a ghost towndbloc

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