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  • Krassy3

    A mister no more: Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral


    • So neither a uterus haver, nor a sperm emitter. That makes senseGnash
    • I don’t get how dropping the Mr. Benefits anyone. The two dad / two mum families is a nice idea though.mort_
    • The benefit is media stories. Along with getting ahead of inevitable Twitter rage about hateful honorifics - like Mr. And Mrs.Gnash
    • got you talking about itpango
    • talking about the stupidity of it, not advancing the crux of the thinking.cannonball1978
    • Don’t overthink it. It’s just a part of marketing these daysGnash
    • long live potato headStoicLevels
    • its a potato head. not much crux.pango
    • I want to say something like "People are actually getting upset about a toy potato?", but of course they are.garbage
    • ps the real baby daddy is a Furby.garbage
    • lol pango, indeed.fadein11
    • As a self identifying potato I find this offensive.Chimp
    • Leftist Mob ruining another thing. OTD for sure.HAMT
    • Also to be clear, they just rebranded to the name Potato Head. They will still sell Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads.garbage
    • I shouldn't expect snowflakes to read, but also can't fathom the limp-dick outrage that some of you are having over potato-themed toys. For children.garbage
    • It’s for the internet world, the real world has better things to do._niko
    • oUtRagEGnash
    • PotatxNonEntity
    • I'm so lost with all the new gender identities being created these days.utopian
    • Could someone provide with the updated list.utopian
    • If you want a pdf of the new gender identities, please look in your buttjagara
    • what's gonna happen to Toy Story?Vandal7
    • ^ Literally nothing. There's still and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Just more empty conservative virtue signaling.garbage
    • Lol. Ya, it’s totally conservative virtue signalingGnash

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