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    So he made it ~ 1 month before the military actions started. Those bombs aren't paying for themselves I guess. At least he's not the orange guy, right?…

    • We'll be at war with Iran by Christmas...MondoMorphic
    • Yeah...Syrians bomb US sites...let's just leave them be.BusterBoy
    • Didn't the orange guy also bomb Syria within a month of being elected?yuekit
    • https://www.theguard…yuekit
    • ^ OK sorry, it was two months :)yuekit
    • national security business as usual. not my clearance level.StoicLevels
    • So when Iran has Americans murdered you want Biden to respond how exactly?zarkonite
    • acting like Trump was any different is stupid afmonospaced
    • of course the Dems are going to give a reason why we're going to war again, the point is we're going to war again.GuyFawkes
    • but hey at least we don't have Trump amarite?GuyFawkes
    • You guys really think this is the start of an actual war?yuekit
    • watchGuyFawkes
    • There were literally thousands of airstrikes, bombings and drone attacks under Obama and even more under Trump. Trump literally assassinated one of the topyuekit
    • people in Iran's government about a year ago with a drone, remember that? That had the potential to escalate into a war, I don't think this does.yuekit
    • google "most wars president"GuyFawkes
    • Sorry overuse of literally...I'm turning into a millennial :)yuekit
    • There's always enough justification to bomb somebody. It'll take a little more to justify going to war with Iran, but have faith.
      They'll get it done.
    • Here's an example, the US military just casually bombs a neighborhood killing 200 civilians in Trump's second year in office.yuekit
    • https://www.latimes.…yuekit
    • Do you even remembering hearing about this at the time? The media barely covers a lot of this stuff.yuekit
    • no one is saying Trump didn't kill anyone, but if you compare that orange cunt to other presidents (minus covid obviously) Trumps a lightweightGuyFawkes
    • A lot of people are determined to grade Trump on a curve, I don't really get it. He dropped more bombs and did more drone strikes than Obama.yuekit
    • But point is an action like this isn't some unprecedented thing. USA and Iran will begin negotiations next month, so the danger of war is lower now than it was.yuekit
    • https://theintercept…fadein11

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