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    QBN log 2.27.21

    Things have been deteriorating here on the ship. Sulu broke up with Uhura again. Their constant back and forth has been wearing on the crew. Sulu has been acting like a madman as a result of their toxic shenanigans. Bones had to inject him with some fentanyl just to get him back to his post. The rest of us have been wearing thin from the constant stream of sub-standard chick pics in the chick of the day thread. These are truly horrific low grade porn shots of the worst taste. One girl looked underage with a giant clitoris. Who posts that? Is it art? Maybe. This vile OmahaDesigns is a thorn to us all but we must let his demonic flatulence-like pestulant presence pass... for the good of the ship! When will this Borg pass? Do we take a Borg vaccine and that's that? Hardly. The Borg...is everywhere.

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