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    QBN log 3.8.21

    Oh wow, it's been 9 or so days since my last log. I'll be sure to clog the toilet this time. So, uhh... nothing much to report. The theater has been packed and everyone has seemed to forget about the Borg. They want to explore the galaxy without our shields. Cocky bastards. I saw Wandavision. It was fine. My thoughts could be found here https://www.qbn.com/reply/401015… Sulu has been hanging out with the guys, I think he will be okay. I want to tap that Uhura ass but it's a delicate situation with Sulu. How much time should I wait before I make a move? Maybe I won't make a move. Maybe, I will be a man of supreme honor. I won't break the man code, I'll ... who am I kidding, I'm a hornball. Could I get cancelled for these thoughts? Computer, end log. Computer...

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