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    QBN log 3.12.21

    I have been posting too much on QBN lately, I'm having too much fun and going into ADHD-triggered posting rituals with my morning coffee. I have to knock it off, the locals have been complaining. https://www.qbn.com/reply/401089… I may have even triggered a meltdown by the username Peter Pancake due to my consecutive posts on pic of the day. https://www.qbn.com/reply/401089… Luckily, the QBN mods quickly cleaned up the mess. I will have to suck it up, face Uhura and maybe take the Enterprise on a joyride through the galaxy to clear everyones minds from the ongoing Borg pandemic. The crew's monitors have been being bombarded with substandard images which could only be curated by the Borg. Nevertheless, we continue forward. We...will... not be deterred. Computer, end log.

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