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    QBNlog 3.23.2021

    It's here! The Borg has consumed me. I don't wish to go outside. I am completely consumed with the virtual. I don't feel myself unless I have taken the daily digital dosages. Meanwhile, the spring breakers are outside being horny little sexy buggers and I am an old tired senpai, unimpressed with their intellectual drivel. I'd rather chill with the Borg until I feel like a melted wax statue. Eventually I will have to unplug from the Borg and relearn how to use my senses but the Borg really isn't that bad. It sucked me into the Snyderverse where I was able to sit 4 hours to watch the Snyder cut. I was entertained. Flash wasn't as annoying, Cyborg and Steppenwolf had cool backstories, Batman was cool... the internet trolls were right along. The Snyder cut should have been released! The Borg is my friend.

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