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    QBN log 4.5.2021

    Highlights this week included watching the silly but fun hevyweight matchup of Godzilla vs Kong. The audience got to witness see Kong do strange things like visit a subterranean world with anti-gravity and wield an axe. I really like Kong as a character. This movie made me realize it. I want to see more of Kong.

    https://www.qbn.com/reply/401394… was a cool concoction. This piece is specifically why we are on this strange planet. I will watch it again after this log.

    https://www.qbn.com/reply/401409… I got into a philosophical mindset when rationalizing the ethics of animal fornication vs animal consumption. As guardians of the living beings on this planet, and with plentiful alternatives, could we one day see the end of the hypocrysy of allowing the manufacture of animal holocaust as a way of alimentation while frowning upon the lesser evil of sexual experimentation with these life forms? Not that I want to know personally, but the laws against fornication with animals seems absurd when we kill and devour said animals. The taboo is an odd one from an ethical standpoint to say the least.

    Finally, I wrote an absurd rant about not wanting the current epidemic to end. https://www.qbn.com/reply/401409…

    Everything else has been status quo. We will soon be screening The Fly remake by Cronenberg, I hope to see that one. Until my next log, I remain Captain James T. Kirk, Captain of the USS enterprise and not an animal fornicator but a man of ethical reasoning. Godspeed.

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