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  • microkorg6

    So, I sold my first NFTartan!
    Someone bought into the Fart-Box Clan.…

    Anonymous buyer who's got 30+ pieces in their OpenSea collection.

    To say I'm over the moon is an understatement!
    hopefully the start of the goldrush ;)

    • Congrats. You made a couple grand with these?NBQ00
    • nice! congrats, also nice project!renderedred
    • +1fadein11
    • $62 on this sale. Was about $67 to setup whole collection on OpenSea so i'm chuffed.microkorg
    • But it says you sold 0.3 eth on about each piece? Isn't that more than just $62?NBQ00
    • @nbq - 0.03 for that itemfadein11
    • https://www.lamborgh…drgs
    • yeah 0.03 = $62
      Lambo NOT QUITE on the horizon yet ;)
    • Are you advertising it somehow?drgs
    • What does the buyer get?monospaced
    • the buyer gets a collectible digital tokenESKEMA
    • Yeah, I tried to explain it to someone else, but I also got stuck in the "what does the buyer get part". Still don't get it. What do you do w/ a digital token?SimonFFM
    • sorry i confused 0.03 with 0.3 and thought you sold them all for 0.3eth. - but wasn't the minting more than $62?NBQ00
    • I won't even pretend to fully understand NFT until someone can explain what a buyer gets. Also, non-fungible? The fuck?monospaced
    • NBQ00. The minting for WHOLE collection was $67. OpenSea is i think the only platform that allows you to upload for free then % comes out of final sale.microkorg
    • But you do have an intitial 'setup' fee to add functionality to make transactions on a collection. so that was 67.microkorg
    • Drgs, just got a twitter account and joining in NFT conversations retweets etc to try get in there with community.microkorg
    • Finding it quite difficult though. It seems crazy to me that my project which scottish folk and design folk think is a great idea isnt selling like hotcakes...microkorg
    • ..yet someone who's copying cyberpunks and putting it through photoshop art filters then selling as 'van gogh cyperpunks' is selling many a day for thousands!microkorg
    • so ... what does the buyer get?monospaced
    • @micro, if you had a huge social media following and were well known I’m pretty sure you could sell a pic of dog poo for thousands.NBQ00
    • Yeah i think the person doing the selling makes a huge difference. How connected you are to the community, how sought after your work is, etc. Gotta build up!mantrakid
    • Why can't you buy NFTs with PayPal?drgs

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