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    Have a contract on my desk for the job I wanted and going to sign it after a few afternoon beer(s).


    Ontario going into "stay at home" during "shutdown" order allegedly today/tomorrow, BUT have to go with my wife and 2 sons South to Chatham to look at homes where the year over year prices have gone up about 40%, BUT still $250,000 cheaper than where we currently life (Collingwood/Creemore area).

    High highs AND low lows indeed!

    • life = LIVE!!! AHHH!!!ideaist
    • Your bad is not that BAD... Good luck in your new home hunting!OBBTKN
    • congrats on the job!scarabin
    • Wow, you’re the second family I know that had to move to Chatham recently._niko
    • Life and let lifenb

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