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  • monospaced5

    Getting my 2nd Moderna dose in a couple of hours. Now everyone I’m close with is gonna be totally vaccinated.

    • Let is know how you feel the day after. My wife was tired. I was tired and achey, my buddy was pretty bad but fine the following day.lemmy_k
    • For my first dose I was pretty bad for days. Total exhaustion, aches in back, felt like I had a bad head cold. It was rough. Hope this isn’t the same.monospaced
    • Just got the shot. They say to brace for more of the same. Ugh.monospaced
    • got my second yesterday. another case of a mild fluhardhat
    • My 2nd shot is next Monday.Ramanisky2
    • Dang. If dose 1 was that rough for you, hang in there for dose 2! It was the sickest I've ever been. Hoping for the best for you.noRGB
    • Happy for youSimonFFM
    • Was an honest statement, not to be taken sarcastically, please.SimonFFM
    • Thanks all. I knew it was genuine, Simon :) About 4 hours in and starting to feel stuff.monospaced
    • sweet!GuyFawkes
    • Bummer, mono. Take care. It'll be over soon.lemmy_k
    • Hope it’s not too bad! At least you’ll come out of it with an improvement in your 5G signal. ;)mort_
    • 5G is on point. Especially when everyone is home.monospaced

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