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  • kingsteven5

    YouTube just sprung a British sketch comedy show on me I had no idea existed... Bruiser: Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Martin Freeman, Matthew Holness in the same show before they had their big breaks - written by Mitchell, Webb, Richard Ayoade and Ricky Gervais. Kind of mad to see them all in the same cast.

    • Wow, they look so young! I love Olivia ColemanIanbolton
    • so much goodMrT
    • haha that second vid. Cheers for this, I had no idea about this either.thumb_screws
    • Sweet!instrmntl
    • Oh you're in for a treat.garbage
    • wtf, never heard about this! I loved the Peep Show and Mitchell and Webb LookMilan
    • HAHA, How odd for me - I've been meaning to post much the same somewhere here - how did I never know about this?!Nairn
    • a glaring omission in the matrix. made me think about the future of AI generated cult shows... and then about how many series i've got in to on their season 2kingsteven
    • THis makes me ever-more curious to know just how much the QBN VotD Bubble affects our mutual suggestions. Is this a YT-wide recent suggestion, or somethingNairn
    • ...particular to us?Nairn

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