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  • MrT6

    It was decided that Monday night was cocktail night. Mine-sweeping the fridge and booze shelves was a bit disappointing, but I ended up with a big shot of whisky, coconut water, fresh lime and ginger, topped up with soda. Very nice.

    I wanted to call it Whisky Business but MrsT said that was racist.

    • how is that racist?nb
    • Racist how?monospaced
    • wasn't wearing his tiarasted
    • loli_was
    • I can't decide if this sounds good or not.garbage
    • I used to really like rum and ginger beerPhanLo
    • did you just say "ginger"?utopian
    • ... because those additions were kinda Asian, so it sounded like an Engrish version of Risky Business, apparently. Tiara is only for Saturday nights.MrT
    • @garbage it was pretty good; a bit margarita, a bit dark n stormy, a bit racist.MrT
    • as the representative of all asian, I don't think it's racist.pango
    • https://memegenerato…pango
    • lol wowgarbage
    • I'll stick it in the booze threadMrT
    • Next Monday, surprise her with something a little more elaborate:…monNom
    • Wait. So if you use Asian ingredients it’s racist? Like, if you cook Thai food it’s racist? Weird logic.monospaced
    • Or was this a joke about the pronunciation of “Risky?” If so you should call the drink “Lisky business” if you want it to be derogatory.monospaced
    • The fact she thought it might be racist, or perceived as racist, is the only vaguely 'racist' thing that happened.NonEntity
    • Congratulations, you've married a klansperson.palimpsest
    • I think you're taking it a bit too seriously.MrT
    • Shame on you for joking with your wife /ssausages

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