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  • Bennn0

    Did you streamed the Ben Askren VS Jake Paul fight?

    The promoters of the event, Triller, offers 1 month of amnesty for anyone who illegally streamed Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren event...

    They think they can know who streamed the event, even if you're using a VPN.



    • I can't imagine being so bored to even pirate that fight. Disgraced retiree taking a dive against some dumb brat.garbage
    • Note To Self
      Don't stream stupid neandertal's fighting each other regardless how bored I am.
    • I'm curious to see if any ONE of those $100,000 suits against individuals will go forward with a judge. lolmonospaced
    • If it's like any other streamer, it will likely come to nothing unless they hold their head too high. May be wrong, but I think the PL has the only court kills.garbage
    • Bullshit scare-tactics. They would have to take every viewer to court individually. And the actual damages are $50/viewer, not $150kmonNom
    • Sucks that content creators have basically no recourse to piracy other than guilting end users and making hollow threats.monNom

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