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  • Ramanisky23

    • fly that man to Delhi now, he's not going to catch it in the desert.fadein11
    • he must have put that t-shirt on before he started to workoutFax_Benson
    • MAGA4Lifeutopian
    • Thanks Mr. Alpha, now we're gonna make this image a meme template and put small peepee stuffz on your sign.GuyFawkes
    • Not 100% but 80% agree. lol

      Do send this guy to India. He'd pew pew all their covid! hahaha
    • dogs and pr2's love child?_niko
    • *drgs_niko
    • Here you go…
    • I wonder if he ever skips legs day?utopian
    • bad to c that deathboy is living the same life as back when he still horrorified and stupified qbn.neverscared
    • Hand gun pointed at my dick. FEAR NOT! Dick doesn't work because of muscle drugs.nb
    • how many guys like this shoot themselves in the dick?_niko
    • oh wait, I forgot it's so small it's impossible to hit_niko
    • roids and guns 4 life!Milan
    • It's blurry, but it looks like a 1911 in condition one, meaning it's decocked and there's no round in the chamber. Pretty common practice.garbage
    • But yes, lots of morons shoot themselves. Classic:…garbage
    • looks like Nevada... he may want to look into Leukemia rates per capita in that region. Had several cousins that lived there develop it.jonny_quest_lives
    • I suspect groundwater and the just overall elevated background radiation there due to years of the government shitting out Atomic tests.jonny_quest_lives
    • anyhoo hope that dude doesn't miss his cycle. "virtuous"heroes maintain their cyclejonny_quest_lives
    • Pipesdrgs
    • Dude has been working out…
    • ^lolRamanisky2
    • Him and drgs in a Turkish oil wrestling match.
      Pay per view.
    • all muscle no brain, to get that muscular you need to waste time in a gym and eat x4 the normal adult diet = x4 environmental impact.shapesalad
    • Humans getting bigger: either from over eating or body building, is a little understand, evolutionary societal problem, that only points towards our own demiseshapesalad
    • Ever noticed how 'everything' is getting bigger - the accepted normal for 'chubby', for being muscular, down to the size of cars?shapesalad
    • Being the biggest, either as a fattie, gymrat or SUV driver means you can push the rest of the population around, until the population catches up with you.shapesalad
    • Then the standard for 'big' just gets bigger. Cars get bigger, Fatties get even more fat, gymrats try all drugs etc to get bigger.shapesalad
    • Eventually as a species we'll 'pop' like a balloon inflated too far.shapesalad
    • It’s because he is a low status male and he thinks muscles change that. Hilarious.monospaced
    • His handwriting is like a little girls.PhanLo
    • standing in the middle of the desert, alone with a sign...sarahfailin
    • lol 'Gasp inc', such irony, many wow.Nairn
    • You’re only a hero if you shoot or suffocate dark skinned people. Duh.doriangrey

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