Psilocybin Microdosing

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  • mantrakid4

    So i went a week with about 150mg a day and was getting headaches at the end of the day that were becoming more and more persistent by the end of the week. I stopped for the 'recommended break' between daily dosing (5 days on, 2 days off, and my headaches persisted a few more days so i decided to wait till they went away entirely, which they did but now its been a couple days and i dont really have an interest in getting back into it cuz im worried the headaches will come back :)

    As far as the dosing, i was actually quite surprised that i still actually felt 'something' on that small of an amount.. but it was more akin to like maybe a kid drinking an americano for the first time.. i felt 'clear' and definitely able to focus a bit better, and almost less emotionally reactive, just more willing to roll with shit good or bad, but not like 'dead inside'... i still kinda felt philosophical and felt things had a more acute sense of meaning, like unimportant shit i felt ok with considering it unimportant. more important shit i felt more tuned into and accepting of its importance.

    I honestly have enjoyed this past week of NOT having it just as much as i enjoyed the first couple days of dosing (before the headaches got annoying). I feel calmer / chiller than i might normally feel. Maybe its placebo effects but ill take em!

    Thats my report :)

    • Thanks for the update!scarabin
    • Try an even smaller dose?nb
    • Spread it out, one dose every three days is the sweet spot_niko
    • thx _niko, will try!mantrakid
    • Just say no, seems to be more pleased for you.shapesalad

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