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    fucking sucks listening to the radio where governors of US states talking about how many extra vaccines they have and nobody knows what to do with them. "the biden administration hasn't worked out how to send them to needy countries overseas"

    of course not

    it's so disheartening to see how the united states is just shitting the bed in terms of what actual global leadership would look like.

    • sure the Canadians just extended the expiry dates by a month ffskingsteven
    • what does it look like Colin?monospaced
    • Slip it in the vape pens!nb
    • Ironic how the US or even Europe have vaccines surplus now while Chyna needs to quarantine cities for a few cases, without vaccines!grafician
    • @mono creation of distribution programs to overseas gov'ts, in any/all ways now that the US is under control (in that people can get one if they want)colin_s
    • or simply even maintaining a discourse here - so much of what i hear now is about the economy, like the pandemic is over. tunnel vision on the media narrative.colin_s
    • @colin_s you can't just send millions of vaccines to poor countries, all those would end up on the black market and none will reach the actual populationgrafician
    • Actually in the time since you posted this, Biden announced the US will donate 500 million doses to poor countries.yuekit
    • To be fair the Biden administration is still trying to get a handle on the unmanaged vaccine program they inherited (and immigrant kids, etc.).evilpeacock
    • Biden did say he’s sending millions of doses overseas though. Maybe you weren’t aware.monospaced
    • He just announced it today lol…
    • Clearly Biden reads QBN and is taking the criticism into account.yuekit
    • lol ok fair enough that hadn't been said yet.colin_s
    • clearly, and to think you assumed nothing would happen or couldn’tmonospaced
    • shitting the bed, lol, as if the US is supposed to fix everything for the worldmonospaced

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