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    "While initial reports last week indicated that an enormous warehouse discovered in Ukraine packed full of PS4 consoles was being used to mine crypto, a little further investigation has found that the machines were probably being used to farm FIFA Ultimate Team cards."

    "If this all sounds like a lot of work just for some accounts and coins, then you may not be aware of just how much money is sloshing around the FIFA community. Last year, for example, EA’s Ultimate Team sales amounted to over $1.6 billion across the company’s entire lineup, with EA specifically pointing out that, “a substantial portion...was derived from FIFA Ultimate Team.”"…

    • These are tons of people who spend over $10,000 every year on FIFA Ultimate Team cards.Milan
    • And EA is still too cheap to build a new FIFA game for the Switch. They just swap out the rosters and kits for FIFA 2017 and sell it for $50 every year.Milan

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