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  • Krassy0

    WW3 fears as China threatens to NUKE Japan on eve of Olympics if it intervenes in Taiwan conflict…

    • I saw this the other day somewhere. Trouble with this is - China has a long-stated No First Use nuclear policy, so I suspect this might not be officialNairn
    • "But a video channel, allegedly approved by the Chinese Communist Party with close ties to the PLA, took the anger to the next level.". it's just fluff.Nairn
    • the root of the Taiwan conflict is the production of semiconductorsKrassy
    • While being the 4th largest Navy in the world the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force is limited in their offensive capabilities.jonny_quest_lives
    • Not really, that's just a big ol' lump of leverage with the rest of the world.Nairn
    • If they did intervene in any potential China Taiwan conflict it would be in support of US Naval operations as the overall makeup and tonnage of the Japanesejonny_quest_lives
    • Navy has been structured with US oversightjonny_quest_lives
    • Yes, China attacking Japan is the same as attacking the US, Australia, UK and JapanKrassy
    • Fuckit, India too, why not?
      Jonny - out of interest, what do you think Russia would do if this shit all went bazooka?
    • intervenes? are they attacking taiwan right before the Olympic now? what about the medals?pango
    • China will have a war with India rather than do anything to Taiwan lol
      All bark, no bite
    • What about their athletes? Do you think they will bomb them?
      Also, the Olympic Games are also known as the festival of peace.
    • @jonny - sorry, for some reason I thought you were Eastern European/Russian. Just checked your profile and you're in the states? lol @ me.Nairn
    • Fake fucking news. Come on guys, The SUN??sarahfailin
    • @sarahfailin did you watch the video that was produced by the CCP?Krassy
    • US Air Force to send dozens of F-22 fighter jets to the Pacific amid tensions with China.…
    • Sorry, but Russia never will intervene in a China / Taiwan war... It's a win-win for them, China no amigo for RuskiesOBBTKN
    • intervene which way?Nairn
    • plz let it be hentai tentacles monsters.pango
    • "the Sun" is not a paper i would trustmilfhunter
    • Don't even use the Sun to wipe your arsePhanLo

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