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  • Nairn8

    It's hot here in LDN, it may have been mentioned. I came home early and am now sat at the kitchen table fart-arsing around on the internets with just my boxers on and - wait, the image gets worse, so please mentally-extrapolate the idea and let your imagination run riot - and i've just looked down to realise that the gusset of my boxers have split and a testicle has flopped out.

    It's just sat there in between crossed legs like some kind of malformed elephant foetus.

    i gotta stop buying shit boxers.

    • man, that made me chuckle.PhanLo
    • i have to go out and retrieve a pair of shorts from the line out back. I can hear my new neighbours yakking in the garden next door. ...Nairn
    • should I go out with my red face and arms and blindingly-ultraviol... skin otherwise, with a single testicle hanging out and get them, waving a cheery "Hullo!"?Nairn
    • Get a towel just in case.
      On second thoughts go shorts, I want to see the next blog post :-)
    • High-end undies are my only real extravagance in life. It's a different world.Fax_Benson
    • @Naim you need to write a book, dudeKrassy
    • i did go out in just boxers, but quickly and minced a bit as i did so, so nothing was able to make its attention.Nairn
    • Perverse thing is, i had shorts here otherwise to wear.Nairn
    • been there lolmonospaced
    • lol Nairn, let me add the happy end pic:…
    • lol!stoplying

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