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    Summertime is here, but is your sunblock actually protecting you? Our trusted pharmaceutical companies continue to avoid actually protecting people from the cancer-causing UVA rays, and instead only protect you from the burn-causing UVB rays.

    Some sunblocks even contain benzene which contributes to cancer risk when used long-term, and they were recently recalled by Johnson and Johnson (which owns Neutrogena… ). Aerosol sunblocks contain propellants and other chemicals which are dangerous to inhale and should only be applied outside (fun!!).

    I pulled this helpful chart above so you can check your own sunblock's ingredients. It's from the EPA website (

    TLDR, zinc oxide sunblock offers the best protection, 30 SPF is enough, and it's also safe for coral reefs! (Other sunblock chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate have severe impacts on even distant reefs in the oceans. This led Hawaii to ban chemical sunblocks in recent years.)

    This has been a pet issue of mine for a while. So therapizing myself here telling y'all about it. Wearing long sleeves, pants, and hats, or staying in the SHADE provides you the best, easiest, healthiest sun protection. <3

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