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  • _niko5


    what a finals and what a performance by Giannis, such a great story and even better that it wasn't some whack-ass mercenary super team.

    • grafician's new favorite temutopian
    • Nahgrafician
    • Just got lucky when half the NBA is injured lolgrafician
    • Lol what a shit hot take. NBA has been injured every year for decades. That’s basketballnoRGB
    • Giannis practically broke Kyrie's foot man damn
      Even he himself got his knee overextended!
      Anyway looking forward for 2022
    • btw congrats to Middleton, that man single handedly carried the Bucks to the Finals and then somegrafician
    • yeah Middleton's performance was unfortunately overshadowed by Giannis' epic play but it should not be discounted in the slightest._niko
    • Yeah Lakers fans can't make injury excuses. Bron is getting up there, AD always gets hurt, and Kuzma is.. Kuzma.garbage
    • Giannis was not getting denied. Him freaking out on the phone with his brother was amazing.garbage
    • Kuzma is garbage.grafician
    • Chris Paul is already in trading rumours for the Lakers btw hehehegrafician
    • Oh and even Caruso can lock up Giannis anytime, he did it before, no problemografician
    • anyone other than brooklyn is fine by me.showpony
    • Yeah, there are also Westbrook rumors. As long as they don't get Dame, I'm fine with it.garbage
    • But it's Portland, so you know they're gonna fuck it up somehow.garbage

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