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    Hi guys,

    So my company didn't approve a Dell Ultra. Too expensive, so I got a cheaper model. It's 28" - 4K - 3840 x 2160 and seems well reviewed.

    I bought it in readiness, to use along side the M1 laptop when it comes out later this year to replace this 2013 iMac I'm using now. But thought I'd get it now as I can use it as an external for this iMac until then.

    Thing is, the highest res I can go up to is 1920 x 1080, which needless to say looks awfully blurry and big this close up. Does newer Apple kit let you go to higher resolutions? I'm worried now that this 4K monitor is a waste of money if the new laptop wont let me use it's potential. Help please. Do I need to send it back?

    • I had that problem once with a dell monitor and a 2012 mbp. google monitor type and imac model, you'll probably find a solution.uan
    • It's this one btw. https://www.techrada…Hayzilla
    • Might be an issue with the old iMac but there are some hidden options that you'll find in the displays preferences:Daithi
    • https://support.appl…Daithi
    • See the bit about 'Press and hold option key' which shows way more options. I'm running a 4k monitor off a 2019 MBP and it has to drop to 30fps to workDaithi
    • Last note is that your choice of cable might influence options tooDaithi
    • Not sure whats happening, but are you using a high speed HDMI cable? A high speed cable is supposed to be used for 4k support.Sellies
    • Also, all new Macs with M1 chip can run at full resolution 3840 x 1600 at 144Hz. But if the monitor/display cant handle the Hz, it will default to 1080p.Sellies
    • All Apple computers have been able to drive multiple 4k displays for many years.monospaced
    • Also, make sure you get the right USB-C cable that is powerful enough to support the Hz and power to the display and Laptop.
      Some shit ones out there.
    • Thanks guys. It was because my imac is too old! Counting the days for the new laptops now.Hayzilla

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