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  • grafician0

    Just tested side by side the MBPro 13 with M1 vs. the MBPro 16 with i9 2020

    M1 8 cores 8GB
    i9 8 cores 16GB + Radeon 5500 4GB

    Opened all default Big Sur apps + Affinity all apps with tutorial files (the most complex ones) + Spline 3D app

    M1 run out of RAM pretty quickly as each Affinity app needs about 500MB just to be opened and used about 800-1GB each app to open the tutorial files

    I applied 5-6 Effects like Gausian blur, 3D, etc. in Affinity Photo and Designer and in Publisher I opened the biggest tutorial brochure and copy pasted repeatedly some of the heavy pages full of elements and in Spline 3D I used the Devices scene that's pretty heavy on my iMac and copied the included iPhone and spheres over and over

    The test was done in an Apple showroom so I couldn't install Adobe apps or any other 3D app, I only downloaded Spline 3D quickly from their website and run it

    Conclusion: i9 a bit faster switching apps and executing options say 5-10% (probably because of 16GB of RAM) other than that, these 2 laptops are the same in performance it seems.

    Price of M1 13" is about 1800 EUR while the i9 16" is about 2800 EUR

    Probably the M1 with 16GB would've performed exactly the same as the i9 with 16GB

    So...if you wanted to upgrade now, I would go for the i9 16 2020 (a bit faster and better display and ergonomics) instead of these entry-level M1 laptops

    Then upgrade again in 3 years to the new M2 or M3 by then.

    • I also briefly tested the new iMac M1, but at first hand, it's slower than the MBPro M1 somehow. So that's a NO for the iMac M1grafician
    • Upgrading in 3 years is a hard pill to swallow though. Think I'll wait till Oct for the 16" M1. It's a complete overhaul compared to the 13" you are testing.Hayzilla
    • Keep in mind my tests today used optimized apps for both M1 and Intel. Adobe apps would probably work better on the Intel for now.grafician
    • If battery life is key get an M1. That's the big boost you get at the same or better performance.evilpeacock
    • “these 2 laptops are the same in performance it seems.” and then you recommend the one that costs 1000 Euros more? Does not compute, literallynb
    • @nb performance and longevity are my key buying points, not price lolgrafician
    • Also the new MB Pro laptops announced for October offer no guarantee they won't be priced over $5K at the same M1 and just 32GB RAM. Would you buy that?grafician
    • Anyway, this was a test with real design apps and these entry-level M1 laptops are just that, entry level performance. So get the i9 if you can't wait.grafician
    • nice graf... thx for sharing this!PonyBoy
    • @evilpeacock yes, probably battery life for M1 is double that of Intel Macs at 10-12 hours.
      @PonyBoy glad to help
    • The 5500 is fine but not an impressive performer.kalkal
    • Current MBP 16 is from 2019, not 2020 and by your own logic the M1 will be faster when Adobe ports over and is 1000 noop cheaper?kingsteven
    • Get M1, sell when the M2 arrives, the M1 will be worth more than the i9 by that point...kingsteven
    • @kingsteven Yeah no:…

      Also for that extra $1000 you get 16GBRAM, 16" screen, a real graphics card, extra ports, etc.
    • Then I can get the new M1 second hand for something like 700-800 euros, while the 16" i9 is in the 1500 - 2000 rangegrafician
    • I wouldn't be so sure about the intel mac retaining the price, I lost over half the value of my Powerbook the last time they transitioned architecture.kalkal
    • ...and that was just a year after the intel Macs were out.kalkal
    • @kalkal if the OS still supports the Intel Macs, regular users don't care what processor they get inside. But they will pay extra for 16", more ports than 13"grafician
    • also unless the design/3D/motion apps aren't updated to use Metro - only depending on CPU power is no-go for now - at least for megrafician
    • But IF you guys want to go for M1 Macs now, get at least the 16GB model.grafician
    • The idea of doing any 3D with 16GB of RAM is like trying to get to the moon with a rickshaw. I'm glad I bought my first PC last year.CyBrainX
    • ^The idea that just a few years ago you were doing 3D with 4 or 8GB or RAM sounds crazy now, but hey...grafician
    • graf, we've been working with 32 and 64GB for over a decade nowmonospaced
    • @mono while Apple introducing the *latest* 8GB and 16GB laptops [rolling eyes]grafician
    • @mono also wtf are you talking about Apple only offered 64GB machines since a few years ago, I got the first iMac with 64GB option myself
    • I had 32 GB in my 2012 iMac.monospaced
    • My point is, it wasn't just 4 and 8GB of RAM, as you literally wrote. Calm the fuck down.monospaced
    • I actually know CyBrainX in person, and he was not using only 4 or 8 10 years ago, I promise.monospaced
    • The 2013 Mac Pro could hold 128GB. I know, because I used one. Stop acting like you know everything and are the last word all the time. Please.monospaced
    • @mono so you went after a decade and upgraded your iMAc with 8GB DIMMs x4 to 32GB when they were available?
      Who the fuck do you think you're bullshiting here
    • also you mention Mac Pros with 128GB that's theoretical you chump, only recently you could get 32GB DIMMs
    • @mono again stop commenting on my posts, you mostly talk shit thinking you're some smartass or something lolgrafician
    • @mono oh yeah, your point is bullshit too
      I used Modo and Zbrush with 4 and 8GB of RAM worked fine
      But you were born with 64GB up your ass lol

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