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    • It'd have to be Freddie, over Bowie only because I know more of his music.lemmy_k
    • Hendrix.Morning_star
    • Hendrix...I've seen Prince and Bowie already thankfullyBaskerviIle
    • Bowie. or Hendrix.. probably Bowie.sarahfailin
    • Bring them all to Glastonbury or Woodstock or some big festival and then purchase a ticket just for that. Problem solved.grafician
    • HendrixKrassy
    • HendrixPonyBoy
    • yup JimiGuyFawkes
    • Hendrix, of coursedrgs
    • Princepinkfloyd
    • Just a bus ticket home to self isolate is ok with me. Then I can catch all their live shows on youtube.shapesalad
    • could at least but one more lady in it.. u know not only dicks.neverscared
    • Bob. Earlier Bob, I mean.Nairn
    • PrinceWordsworth
    • Hendrix, but hoping for Electric Ladyland Hendrix.stoplying
    • I buy a ticket that gives me more tickets.kalkal
    • Jim Morrison.hotroddy
    • @neverscared the crackhead was a chick (the last one)GuyFawkes
    • Bowie easy, never got a chance to see him livefeel
    • HendrixDRIFTMONKEY
    • booowieeescarabin
    • BeyoncĂ© at the bottom right.ok_not_ok
    • Lennonmaquito
    • Felamort_
    • pac... obviouslyinteliboy
    • I'll have whatever is the one most people are on the fence about, then scalp it. Meet me out front.garbage
    • seen prince and bowie a bunch of times, jimi then whitney and the rest can gtfkingsteven
    • even prince in his prime, spiders from mars bowie or jimi... jimi wins tbh. not comparablekingsteven
    • Hendrix for me too. Lucky and old enough to have seen a few of t'others including Whitney on The Bodyguard tour lolsMrT
    • Seen Prince over 20 times already but I would take another one if I could.Alum31
    • 0.0009 interestutopian
    • Hendrix or MJbezoar
    • Hendrixpango
    • Hendrix.
      Think how many people could have been in that middle square instead of the worst possible option.
    • nonemilfhunter
    • HendrixApeRobot
    • Hendrix.PhanLo
    • Facebookjmckinno
    • Hendrixsted
    • 1. Queen
      2. Jacko
    • Hendrix or Prince, I can't choose.kaiyohtee
    • Given they're all dead, it'd be a horridly macabre gig. Can't believe I'm the only person who's chosen Bob Marley so far.
      Am I that much of a stoner?
    • i recently found a concert ticket stub that says Bowie. I saw bowie?!!...I had totally forgot. fkn drugs. What's the point if I won't remember after. hahahasea_sea
    • Nairn I'm with you buddy!
      Well I'm 50/50 Bob/Freddie
    • sill hendrix, he's been dead the longest so if you turn up to the show and he hasn't been reanimated at least it'll just be an upside-down strat and some dustkingsteven

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