Afghanistan is Fucked

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    tbh i have respect for the resolve of afghans if nothing else. they've had every empire on the face of the earth tread on their ground and have battled them back every time.

    part of this is all just the framing of the conversation. yes the taliban are there but it's the result of decades, or centuries, of imperialism trying to fuck with that region of the world. any country that has empires invading as hobby is bound to have militants running around.

    yes, situation is fucked there now but in terms of murderous governments it's not like the united states has any moral high ground over the taliban

    • china is welcome to try next i bet they get the same result as the rest.colin_s
    • The taliban would exist regardless. That entire region has been slaughtering each other for millenniaGnash
    • Gnash - how does that explain WWI and WWII?SlashPeckham
    • ^ Did I suggest that no one else engaged in war?Gnash
    • Apologies I read ‘region’ as ‘religion’SlashPeckham

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