Afghanistan is Fucked

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    "The Taliban declare China their 'principal partner' in the international community

    China is the Taliban’s “principal partner” in the international community, the Islamist group has said in its strongest signal yet of diplomatic priorities.

    Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Thursday claimed Beijing was "ready to invest in and reconstruct" Afghanistan as he set out hopes that China would provide a gateway into global markets"…

    • I guess the taliban hate the Uyghurs, tooGnash
    • Sure, it's all rosy now.

    • @Gnash yeah, really wondering too how that goes politically for them

      also chyna puttimng their hands on all that US tech left behind
    • There are only approx 3000 Uyghurs that have escaped into Afghanistan, but I'm sure this isn't good news for them.garbage
    • US didn't leave any valuable tech in Afghanistan - it was all stuff they were happy to give to Afghanis anyway.Nairn
    • The most advanced things there were Blackhawk helicopters - which US sold to China ages ago and China since copied.
    • Footage of them trying to fly said Blackhawks. Unclear if they are disabled or it's a PEBCAK thing.garbage

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