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  • Krassy2

    • wait, what?Krassy
    • Did he get the prick under his prickdbloc
    • since when big testicles is a bad thing?pr2
    • STD.. dude got an STD and then blamed it on the vaccine. hahahamathinc
    • imagine if a dude posted this about some friend of a cousins womans vaginainteliboy
    • No cock no balls no Nicki Minaj songs... says a friend of a friend.AQUTE
    • I don't want to look it up but that sure does sound like an untreated STD gone very wrong.shellie
    • Is this Nicki Minaj, MD, the epidemiologist? or Nicki Minaj the artist who writes songs about her genitals?nb
    • pr2 read this tweet and was like “just did my own research, am going to get the vaccine now!!!!”nb
    • nb got it right!pr2
    • She has like 857 pounds of artificial implants in her body, and she's giving people health advice? Bitch, please.boobs
    • "my cousin's friend's friend", yeah, we all know whose testicles we're talking about, Nickrzu-rzu
    • My GFs auntie and sister got shingles after taking the vaccine, the doctor said medication has run out in Madrid as there are so many people with it.Chimp
    • Still, it looks like a passing side effect and nothing too serious.Chimp
    • rather than working on making her arse bigger she should maybe work on making her brain bigger... Just a thoughtnecromation
    • The sperm whale has the biggest brain of any animal species.
      Do your own research.
    • her cousin in Trinidad got gonorrhea and is trying to scapegoat the vaccine. shittiest timeline.jonny_quest_lives

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