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  • babydick3

    How are things with Hyperloop, you retarded cunt?

    • Pretty damn good from what I've read. Prototypes are launching.formed
    • I'd be surprised if Musk were a QBNer.Nairn
    • ^He would fit right indmay
    • Another boondoggleutopian
    • Here is is 1.7 mile "Hyperloop" lol
    • ^ lolol what a fucking jokebabydick
    • That's got nothing to do with hyperloop though? Virgin have been pushing the concept quite heavily - there's something to it, whether you like Musk or not.Nairn
    • Personally I think Hyperloop should start off targetting freight transportation first. Then, if that works, send in the meatsacks.Nairn
    • The Vegas is thing is ridiculous, don't get me wrong. I'm not sure what Musk is hoping to achieve with Boring - good luck to him, but.. meh.Nairn
    • The guy shortens a 45minut trip to 2mins and "experts" are disappointed. WTF were they expecting?zarkonite
    • ^ One minutebabydick
    • Nairn - freight transport is actually a pragmatic idea that could actually work.utopian

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