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  • mg33-5

    Found this posted on godlikeproductions today.

    • nested loopsdbloc
    • Statistics hates these people.Nairn
    • Why?AQUTE
    • sum kerwallity logik happenung tharhans_glib
    • AQUTE - really? Poster assumes that each 'stage' is 100% effective, which is clearly moronic, much like the people this appeals to.Nairn
    • Frankly I'm done arguing this shit, frankly and I'm done being polite about it - I don't care. You disagree? Fine. You don't want the vax? Fine. Good bye.Nairn
    • why? because humans are lairs, that's why.sted
    • The world will be a better place when all the anti-vax die off. Tatty bye bye. Next crop of idiots will be anti-crypto-ers with wheel barrows of paper $'s.shapesalad
    • If common reading direction works..why the numbering?...If numbering works...why the arrows? If all caps work..why the underline?BaskerviIle
    • That escalated quickly!
      This is why I love QBN.
    • #P - I just found out that a 50 year old friend of a friend died from Covid last week, leaving two kids, one heavily autistic. It would've been his b'day todayNairn
    • How are there so many upvotes on this fake news garbage?sarahfailin
    • If seatbelts work, why the airbags? If airbags work, why the crumple zones? If crumple zones work, why paint lines on highways?sarahfailin
    • Stupid people make my brain sadkaiyohtee
    • this is the dumbest thing I've seen for a while.Beeswax
    • The escalation I was referring to was the anti-crypto comment.
      We're all tired of this anti-vax bullshit.
    • They can do all their own fucking research they want as long as they keep it to themselves.palimpsest
    • oh, haha, i glossed over that, sorry.

      haha, fucking cryptobros and moneywhoremen.
    • Covidiot flowchart yayyyyyyAQUTE
    • can't believe some people claim the vaccine is more dangerous than the virusmonospaced
    • Not everyone follows those guidelines - therefore it all goes to shit.desmo
    • 'murica™ArchitectofFate
    • if I'm so smart, why is my infographic full of so many stupid questions?Fax_Benson
    • Because not enough people got the vaccine.doriangrey
    • And a lot of people don’t want to go back to the office.doriangrey

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