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    Down at the post office the other day there were two thirty to forty-something thick as shit-looking dipshits talking absolute rubbish - i mean, just like stupid, barely coherent fuckwit crap. Mind numbing, neuron-decimating effluent.

    One of them had a Gameboy backpack - as in it looked like an old school gameboy. The screen was represented by those kids things that allow you to draw something, then you pull the plastic side down and it erases it - you know what I mean? I don't know what they're called.

    Anyway, on it he had scrawled some Globalist Agenda paranoic bilge about Covid being fake and a conspiracy.

    These are the sort of people representing the bulk of the anti-vax brigade and its output on the internet. People that don't even have fucking a brace of GCSEs to rub together.

    • This is painful for me, as I've often had a slight tendency to consider the conspirational side of things, but the people are morons.Nairn
    • "Mind numbing, neuron-decimating effluent." ha! gold man. Pure gold.stoplying
    • so eloquentmonospaced
    • Nairn, write a book... Now!! LolOBBTKN
    • its called magna doodlested
    • they are a generation that confuses knowledge with information.sted
    • to be honest, you described almost every active pro-vaxxer on this forum.pr2
    • vast majority on both sides of the barricade a mooks.pr2
    • are mookspr2
    • who don't know how to read basis table of numbers or a graph.pr2
    • You described yourself to be honest. Most people here know that the vaccines work, covid kills, and doing nothing is irresponsible and wrong.monospaced
    • i'm one of the few here who read the science papers and not just headlines from the internet.
      covid kills 0.2 of the under 65 population.
    • not to acknowledged it as a starting point of the conversation if profoundly wrong.pr2
    • you have all the powers to link or share these things with us, i think we can all read.sted
    • *still laughing at the fact that you can't name one thing which has benefited everyone while writing these brainfarts on the internets.sted
    • in times of the internet you have the knowledge at your fingertips. it's preposterous for u to expect me show links that can be googled in 15 seconds.pr2
    • this reflect the dimwitness of some profound level where the believes in one's made up ideology blinds one to knowledge that's oh so easily accessible.pr2
    • see that's where you're wrong, access to information is what you have not knowledge. learn the difference and come back.sted
    • true, i can show you all the data about 0.2% mortality but if you decided that 2x flu mortality scares you then no knowledge will change your mind.pr2
    • For every rare article you find that fits your bullshit narrative, I can find dozens more that fit that of legit science.monospaced
    • sure you can mono, sure you canpr2

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