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  • Nairn0

    (Holy shit, this is terrifying)

    • I suppose, if you were from Eton / Oxbridge, you might be able to convince yourself that this is meritocracy in action.Fax_Benson
    • Whoever they are, they all sipped poison and died in a commune somewhere back in '87Nairn
    • Proof that literally anyone, from even the most fucked up and disfunctional background can make it to the topFax_Benson
    • The Midwich CuckoosBluejam
    • The very example of pissing in the gene pool.face_melter
    • inbreeding pedigreeutopian
    • Ozzy fans? 80s heavy metal cult?Krassy
    • nah they are just GERMANSsted
    • had to gugule this, oh damn.sted
    • Metallica circa 1982VectorMasked
    • OK, i see BoJo on the right, but what's going on here?jagara
    • "Meet the Cunts", was a cancelled 70's TV show. Fly on the wall doc showing how to raise your kids to be the most arrogant, repugnant & racist cunts ever.mrAtor

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