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  • scarabin15


    • kill it with fireMilan
    • Why?scarabin
    • TAX THE RICH. Couldn't hurt.hosscreative
    • So braveGnash
    • So edgyKrassy
    • I can't imagine a more deluded and misguided thing than to be pissed at this "event" considering our current state of affairs, but...America.CyBrainX
    • tax that assbabydick
    • I don’t think she’s mad at the event, she’s there to support it. If i understand correctly attendees are expected to wear something creativescarabin
    • ... and this seems like a natural choice for her. Bonus that she’s leveraging a platform of the rich to spread this messagescarabin
    • https://www.independ…scarabin
    • right Krassy?
      looks like a horror movie title
    • https://media.vogue.… who wears it better mugato ?neverscared
    • Tax the rich !!!! CorrectMarcelloB
    • I'm rich. Fuck offbabydick
    • unless you're hedge, you're not rich.pango
    • Wear that $45k dress to a $30k/plate function.stoplying
    • ^ while partying with rich peopleMaaku
    • hott. also context...
    • yeah both are an illusionsted
    • How does her being rich or the price of the dress change anything? She still thinks rich people should be taxedscarabin
    • hugo chavez in a 40k dress.hotroddy
    • this is a populist move from top to bottom.sted
    • if there would be a national referendum tomorrow with the single question of would you like to tax the rich? the yes would win with 99%.sted
    • but the underlying problem would remain the same: how?
      so what are we doing here? spreading a message that everybody agrees on? or trying to get support for
    • actual actions? I doubt the lattersted
    • haters gonna hate. losers gonna lose. suckers gonna suck.oey_oey
    • <3 AOC 4EVER!!!oey_oey
    • how can I go to this event I really want to go to but everyone will think I'm a hypocrite?hotroddy
    • she is a walking contradiction.hotroddy
    • https://dazedimg-daz…Milan
    • how? Umm, how about taking their incomes in the form of tax... by taxing them?? how??? lol It ain't rocket science bra!Khurram
    • if only there was a government "service" that dealt with "revenue" but only "in-land" revenue, as opposed to "out-land" then maybe we could collect taxes...Khurram
    • mmm, i'm out of ideas, no idea "how" to tax rich people. so complicated a problem :-/Khurram
    • @hotroddy - she is literally, the Representative of the 14-district of New York, in New York City, that covers Bronx and the Manhattan,Khurram
    • It's part of her constituency, and she was invited to the city's premier cultural institution - a public art institution founded by the state legislature.Khurram
    • What is she doing there? Are you fucking stupid?Khurram
    • contradiction personified.hotroddy
    • Being of Puerto Rican heritage, I wonder if she rambled on about American imperialism at the event.hotroddy
    • Seeing that american imperialism brought her parents to America. They didn't even have to apply for a visa.hotroddy
    • everything about her is a walking contradictionhotroddy
    • i think her focus has been national onlypango
    • And you, nothing less, than the personification of consistency.Khurram
    • you gotta admit tho she did it better.
    • lol@Khurram i don't need to be educated about who she is and yes it is a fucking complicated problem.
      @pango yeah she did.
    • Ass of CuntAQUTE
    • because?pango
    • Use your imagination sted! C'mon man! It ain't that hard! ;PKhurram
    • TLDNR
      She's hot as fuck.
    • <3instrmntl
    • Imagine getting triggered by a dressscarabin
    • lol yupGuyFawkes
    • nothing triggers me more than some nimrod in nike's wearing a chez Guevarra shirthotroddy
    • I find it hard to understand why you find it unimaginable.hotroddy
    • Hotroddy get triggered....and starts rambling on and on and on - LOLutopian
    • that's bc life's a tale that can't be told
    • Tax the rich isn't exactly Che Guevara is it? That would be more like shoot the rich.yuekit
    • we're already taxing the rich.hotroddy
    • she was going to add a picture of a guillotine with the words in red splattering out but it was 'too much'.hotroddy
    • It's amazing how much hate she receives from the right. Though her being the complete antithesis of Trump, it does make sense.inteliboy
    • thats an understatement. she wants to flood the country with immigrants and put them on gov't pay. the complete antithesis!hotroddy
    • and her policies will do the opposite and promote an exodus.hotroddy
    • rodney is the very physical embodiment of the '...yet you participate in society' cartoon. Sharp as a brick.face_melter
    • face_palm resorting to memes for insults. reached a new low.hotroddy
    • Stay winning, hotpot. Your place in Heaven is assured.face_melter
    • If you don't want immigrants then you better start making babies. Lots of babies. So many that you can't support. But don't worry there's always gov't paypango
    • I mean, I can call you a fucking arsehole instead, if that's what you want.face_melter
    • Get fucking!! Literally! Hurry!pango
    • Top of the page with 60+ sidenotes.
      She might be onto something!
    • I’m sure there was a figure, like 90% of all taxes are paid for by the wealthy. Which is kind of obvious when you put it into perspective. The richest 1% etcIanbolton
    • https://imgur.com/GU…kingsteven
    • She's not a hypocrite, she's not rich either. She's not a socialist, she's an American through and through. Her stance has been consistent and noteworthymonospaced
    • And for the record, the largest population on government subsidies are poor white people in conservative states/counties. Not immigrants, hotroddy.monospaced
    • We're talking Trump supporters, not Mexicans. If you want to be mad at somoene taking your taxes, be mad at those sorry sacks of shit.monospaced
    • They should just work harder and pull themselves up by their bootstraps...monNom
    • Everything she stands for is about making sure that all Americans, even the poor white folk that clog welfare, are taken care of. That's American.monospaced
    • now that´s the vibe i expect from the future american president.... higher minimum wage for next years dress.neverscared
    • Bougie lipstick leftist 'protest' equivalent of the boiled in blood clenched fist of yesteryear. Brave.NonEntity
    • NaziHayoth
    • She's such a fucking clown.MondoMorphic
    • but at that event tho, she's not even close to being a clown. lol have you seen who else attended? id bet the organizer loves all the attentions.pango
    • https://i.imgur.com/…pango
    • that's one thing.sted
    • Let me get this right. Many of you think she's a hypocrite for spending time with people who should pay taxes?CyBrainX

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