Windows 11 impressions?

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  • Nairn5

    As a Windows user, I see absolutely no reason - compelling or otherwise - to leap onto the upgrade wagon.

    I'll do it when I need to, but there'll be no excitement when it comes to (for reference, I only upgraded my main desktop from W7 to W10 earlier this year, so I'm perhaps not a great reference for your question).

    • +1Wordsworth
    • Win 10 is very good, IMO.jagara
    • After a week on 11 I don't see the need to upgrade.palimpsest
    • YupGuyFawkes
    • ya. just upgraded to win10 last yearpango
    • Yeah, I was wary about w10 telemetry, but O&O ShutUp10+ sorts that - otherwise it's just w7, but supported... .Nairn
    • you can disable telemetry in a lot of ways.
      that's the cool about windows that you have access to a lot of tools...
    • XP still runs most of the UK's gambling machines, so stable that mofofadein11
    • And CNC machines :)Nairn
    • MS's finest hourfadein11

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