Windows 11 impressions?

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  • grafician-9

    "Defrag Windows 11 with Drive Optimization

    Windows 11 comes with a defrag tool to defragment your hard drive. With it, you can custom something to automatically run defragmentation to optimize your PC hard drive. The following is how to defrag Windows 11 PC.

    1. Open the Windows Settings app via the shortcut combination Win + I.

    2. Under the System tab, go to click Storage from the right section.

    3. Scroll down and click Advanced storage settings.

    4. Choose Drive optimization and the Optimize Drives window will open."…

    @jagara yup, it's there alright, just because you don't do it, doesn't mean...

    • stfu alreadymonospaced
    • I thought that you were an Apple user Graf?utopian
    • I am. I was just proving these guys that Windows still defrags, and windows 11 is still shitgrafician
    • who the fuck asked for this?
      only do it if you have mechanical filled over 70%.
    • @monospace at this point your like a maga guy refusing to believe the facts
      Cognitive dissonance much
    • Windows does auto defrag already and it isn’t even necessary with an ssd. Weird post.monospaced
    • Excuse me? I’m like what and why? You’re being a little spaz again.monospaced
    • @monospaced guy just can't let go this defrag thing, already burned once:…
    • why are you here again mono?grafician
    • I actually use windows 11 and macOS regularly. And you?monospaced
    • I’m also a professional career designer. So that’s why I’m here.monospaced
    • @sted baby I stated that windows needs defragmentation still in windows 11
      I was right, you guys went ballistic
    • No it doesn’t. It’s just an optional tool.monospaced
    • you also said Apple is a closed system, I posted in Apple thread the latest MBP running Linux
      you also said Apple is for advanced users while kids use it
    • you also said monospace Windows 11 is great upgrade while still having the fucking blue screen of death lol
      you guys are simply amusing
    • calm downmonospaced
    • 1st.: only if you have a mechanical drive.
      2nd: nobody needs to get a reminder since it's automatic.
    • "do I still have to remind you guys you need to defrag your hard drive on Windoz? "
      just to remind everybody this was your contribution.
    • call baby that tiny acne between your legs.sted
    • MacOs is a Unix system, learn the difference.sted
    • Here you go sted the percent of PCs still needing defrag in 2021 lol
    • yeah it's UNIX that's why I was fucking proposing to get a Mac instead of Windows 11 lolgrafician
    • Your proposing to get a new machines instead of free OS updated... Weird comparison...pango
    • Go back to school learn proper English, it won't help with the delusions you have about yourself, just makes our life easier.sted
    • Bringing the "HDDs and SSDs: global shipments 2015-2021" statistics into this argument shows the understanding of a kid in elementary school.sted
    • What delusions man?! Were discussing software! Get a grip!grafician
    • Bringing some numbers to the discussion to make a point should be normal
      But you're a lunatic jumping people for no reason lol
    • If you don't agree with me, move on, nobody forcing you or that idiot monospaced to comment to my postsgrafician
    • Who is still stuck on defrag in a topic about windows update or ordering everybody around? Here is a number, but pay attention: you're indescribably dumb.sted
    • @sted baby but I don't care what you think, your outbursts are hilariousgrafician
    • Why are you and that monospaced here? to criticise my comments and posts?

      oh boy what a sad waste of your time

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