Windows 11 impressions?

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    Windows 11 is just ok for me. UI is nicer but sometimes makes you dig deeper for some settings than win10 which can be annoying at times. No compelling reason to upgrade that's for sure. Stability is the same so far.

    Macs are dogshit for the 3d work I do and I need to get shit done now rather than wait for apple to release new tech to play catch up.

    The only thing I miss about osx is is column view in the finder. Everything else is interchangeable in terms of productivity and to say otherwise is pretty dumb. The dev experience running large node projects is the same if not a bit quicker in my experience on PC as well.

    My laptop also has no notch so there's that too.

    • Does Win11 have a QuickLook equivalent? As much as I like Explorer, I really miss QL when I do file management on Windows.pusherbot
    • The QuickLook extension does preview with spacebar, Apple-style. I aasume this works here too.jagara
    • Oops, sorry, haha. Misread :)jagara

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