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    I don’t understand the vietnam war, at all. Best i can figure is we were murdering innocent people en masse because it’s possible that some day they may become communists? And that really bothered us because boomers are obsessed with communists for some fucking reason?

    And then they became communists anyway and the world never ended so what was the fucking point?

    • No wonder rambo was so butthurt all the time. Shit was stupidscarabin
    • Yeah, that's it in a nutshell. After the French Indochina War / and the partitioning of Vietnam we first tried to destabilize the South Vietnamese government..garbage
    • ..after half-assed aid attempts failed. Then we went full Wandering Soul and Gulf of Tonkin.garbage
    • #Winningutopian
    • If you haven't read about it, it's really fucked. We captured vietcong and recorded them making spooky ghost sounds telling them to go home.garbage
    • Blasted them from boats, helicopters, hidden speakers in the woods.garbage
    • And then did some actual false flag shit by faking an attack on a US destroyer, which set everything to 11.garbage
    • So yeah, no wonder Rambo was fucked up lolgarbage
    • Oh and one of the ghost scripts in our psy ops was Vietnamese folk ghost, name translates to "the tightening knot", that encourages people to kill themselves.garbage
    • amazing. i would never think of the the ghost sounds thingscarabin
    • McNamara and the US thought they were fighting communism but the Vietnamese were fighting for their freedom. USA leadership = idiotsnb
    • i'm watching this doc from the vietnamese perspective about their tunnels. fascinating but truly sad stuff…scarabin
    • @scara Great link, will watch. Can't imagine being a person in the tunnels and hearing a voice be all "Hey this is your dad, I just died, come home and bury me"garbage
    • @nb I could be wrong, but I think top brass knew there was no hope for a capitalistic revolution from the locals..garbage
    • ..but it was a lie fed to the troops and PR against anti-war sentiment back home. McNamara was a lot of things, but stupid wasn't one.garbage
    • I think in some ways it was similar to what happened in Korea and China, all these countries were destabilized by WW2 and afterwards you had communist andyuekit
    • capitalist sides battling for control. This was during the heyday of communism so it seemed like an existential threat from the Americans' point of viewyuekit
    • to watch country after country get taken over by communists. Little did they know the communists would someday be manufacturing Nike sneakers and Airpods.yuekit
    • It's not an exaggeration to say that the US and China both saw what the Axis powers almost accomplished, both saw the world was potentially conquerable..garbage
    • ..and immediately started long-term plans for getting a foothold in every power vacuum in the region.garbage
    • Right, and it worked lol...and here we are todayyuekit
    • From the Vietnamese perspective however, I think they view it as a long series of conflicts that led to their independence. First against the French, thenyuekit
    • the Japanese, then USA, then afterwards Vietnam invaded Cambodia and China tried to invade Vietnam.yuekit
    • It seems like most Americans only know about the part we fought in, which Vietnam calls "the American War."yuekit
    • My public school had like a single paragraph about itscarabin
    • I think we're about the same age (mid-30s) and my public school actually taught that we won the war in Vietnam.garbage
    • wait till you learn about the US involvement in Afghanistan.jonny_quest_lives
    • and because they aren't white. Somehow we're always more comfortable bombing not-white people.sarahfailin
    • There is this recent documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick that goes into details…uan
    • I learned about the Ken Burns effect from scarabin years ago on qbn...that's why I bothered to watch that doc. what I remember: shows both side in detail...uan
    • you'll need to find the episodes on youtube or elsewhere to watch. it's 18 hours in total. "The Vietnam War (2017) - A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick"uan
    • my high-school history teacher called it the first war based on purely propaganda.sted
    • I’ll check it out, uanscarabin
    • On a fundamental level, it was a sectarian civil war. The US didnt invade, it was invited.Brabo_Brabo
    • Baby boomers were being sent there or smart enough to leave the country. It was the older generation that gave us the red scare.CyBrainX
    • on a positive note, we got some of the best songs of the rock era_niko
    • growing up as a kid, my family worked with and employed hundreds of Vietnamese refugees, these are the hardest working industrious and clever fucks I've ever me_niko
    • ...met. America never stood a chance lol_niko
    • Lots of those Viets would be on our side... they had to flee after the South was over run.Brabo_Brabo
    • The irony is, Vietnam today is very pro capitalism while many Americans no longer believe in free markets.yuekit

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