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    Rooted-in-reality hypothetical for the QBN fam:

    If you were told that you were on track for a promotion within 90 days in September, and 90 days has come and gone, and it is December 17th, and the company end of year meeting came and went where promotions were announced (but not yours), how fast would you be looking for another job?

    1. Immediately, or,
    2. Within the week after the disappointment has subsided and morphed into determination.

    In this hypothetical, the person in question is extremely disappointed to see an almost immediate need to leave a company they love, and is unsure who to raise the issue to, out of fear that it’s possible their boss never told anyone else about the pending promotion.


    • Wait until after Christmas break, if they somehow accidentally on purpose forgot to give out promotion...then move on.utopian
    • or speak up... don't be such a pussy and go have a professional conversation w/the person(s) buttering your ears back in september :)PonyBoy
    • Act like you got the promotion, tell everybody, the boss will be pressured to do the right thing - if they "forgot"grafician
    • Start looking. Put feelers out. Then ask why circumstances changed, why the promotion never occurred. I’d be asking why to whoever said it was on track... and..thumb_screws
    • ...and then to whoever they report into. Ideally without the 2 having a chance to confer. Just be honest. If they don’t return the honesty something is up.thumb_screws
    • Hypothetical Good luck working through it.thumb_screws
    • Promotions are overrated. Ask for pay rise and a reduction in responsibilities.shapesalad
    • I like Grafician's answer, just show up to the board meeting for the company heads like Costanza._niko
    • Always be looking. Always keep your folio up to date. In reality if you want a promotion or a pay rise, by far the best way to achieve it is a new job.BaskerviIle
    • Be demanding and call it out. Hint that you've been approached by another company. If they really value you, they'll get things moving pretty swiftly.BaskerviIle
    • Always remember: you owe a company nothing more than what you are hired for. Any company would let you go if need be, you should be the same way about them.BaskerviIle
    • Ask them what happened and ask if that's a sign you should be looking elsewhere. That will get you an answer an get them thinking of what it'll take to keep youi_monk
    • Not sure why you need a week to build up determination. You should start looking now and also bring it up with your boss. Don’t tell them you’re looking.nb
    • Make it matter of fact, not “but you promised.” Discuss how you deserve the promotion and put it on your boss to explain.nb
    • The trick is to plan how to discuss this without making statements... instead, you should try to ONLY ask questions. Puts you in the driver seat.nb
    • In the meantime, spend your free time every day and about 1/4 to 1/3rd of your work day on portfolio, prep and applying then interviewing.nb

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