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  • shapesalad7

    From a reddit post.

    "On may 24th CEO of one of the largest bank in the world - HSBC publicly said that crypto lacks transparency and later it's UK branch started to block payments to Binance. Yesterday same British HSBC branch has been fined £63.9m by the UK's financial regulator for money laundering!"

    • So the take away here is that transparency works?Nairn
    • HSBC the same bank that were cool laundering cartel money? LolPhanLo
    • the fincen filessted
    • The crypto industry has racked up $2.5 billion in fines since bitcoin was launched... so who is the better crook ?! one more in the game with crypto then.neverscared
    • and its just starting to get regulated.. phew .. there is shit to come for the cryptobrosneverscared
    • https://markets.busi…neverscared
    • I wonder if those are the paid or the issued fines?sted
    • I know cunts in HSBC big in to cryptokingsteven
    • Oh the transparencyAQUTE

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