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    Lol, was doing a zoom meeting with a new client and the designer introduced herself and listed her pronouns. She was she/her and looked like a 20 something girl.

    • This is commonplace and has been for a couple years, at least in nyc. It’s you who is out of touch.nb
    • Yeah a new social media whatever joined our dept last week and kept announcing "her" pronouns, and thankfully nobody else did after.i_monk
    • Trans for suremonospaced
    • why do they list it twice? Is it possible to be she/him?hotroddy
    • she/his?hotroddy
    • fuck/youbabydick
    • @Hotroddy: some people use she/their, he/them, etc but I don’t exactly know whynb
    • And doing the “he/him” thing saves time explaining. If you just were like “I’m Jim from Detroit, he, a designer” it would be hard for people to catch it.nb
    • I feel old and out of touch as well.hotroddy

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