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  • drgs3

    Any QBNers who havent had the covids yet?

    • me. but also not had any tests. but no symptoms thus far.shapesalad
    • 3 vaccines + flu vaccine + avoid people.shapesalad
    • Me (I suspect that the last week of December me and wife had a fever for it, but the tests were negative)OBBTKN
    • +1uan
    • Haven't had it as far as I know. Did have a cold over Christmas but had 2 negative antigen tests and a negative PCR.mort_
    • I got a bad flu in late December 2019 for about 10 days. Would have been a bit early to be Covid in Ireland at that time.mort_
    • I think it arrived here from Italy in Feb 2020mort_
    • Havent been sick in yearsGuyFawkes
    • @mort... me and wife been with a terrible "flu" for 2 weeks in Dec'19 too, us and lots of people more, tons on icu with pneumonia. Coincidence?OBBTKN
    • mort_ yes, China to Italy via wealthy Chinese going to italy for leather goods. Then Italy to UK by rich cunts going on their ski holidays. ;)microkorg
    • still dodging the rona here, despite the wife claiming to have had it back before it was a thing (lost her sense of smell for a week last feb)hans_glib
    • So far so good. But half my son’s year is off with it at the moment so there may be a chance it’ll make it’s way homePhanLo
    • Me neither.
      @mort_ & OBB - I had the worst flu ever in Nov 2019 - turns out it was some Ozzie variant of influenza.
    • My family started feeling symptoms on Christmas morning. Son tested positive, so we assume we all had it. Quarantined for 10 days, all good.monospaced
    • No Covid here.PioneerDJ303
    • Never taken a test, but have likely succumbed. Had mild sniffles/scratchy throat at various points.Brabo_Brabo
    • Never had it, I'm invincibleqoob
    • @mort_ & @QBBTKN same here. And pretty sure it was the 'rona despite it not being in the news just yet...never mind any testing for it back then either.Krassy
    • weird but Dec 2019 wife & I both went down bad but recovered and fine sinceGardener
    • My wife and I have had food poisoning + countless colds from my toddler, but no covid as of yet. I expect to catch it at some point because 'Mericarobotinc
    • I've not had it...but I'm a triple vaccinated mask wearing hermit introvertBaskerviIle
    • Paging Prutopian
    • 3 times. Right from the hose in Wuhan, the following December, and then omicron a few weeks ago.MondoMorphic
    • as far as I know, but could have been asymptomatic, or thought it was my allergies.mapleT
    • mememememested
    • but i'm a redneck, prob scared all the covids to death.sted
    • triple vaxed, plus flu shot.
      nothing so far, and trying to keep it that way. fingers crossed.
    • I believe I was the first QBNer to officially have the 'rona (Wife brought it home Oct 2020 - no vax@ the time and nothing more than time/sleep as a treatment).PonyBoy
    • Since then I'm pretty sure we both had a bout w/it again about 3 months ago right before moving east (fully vaxxed and boostered) - we didn't get tested tho.PonyBoy
    • I haven't but my girlfriend definitely had it last week. We both got tested. My results came back negative the next day but hers only came back yesterday.CyBrainX
    • Her test was negative but I don't believe it. She had chills, a migraine and threw up.CyBrainX
    • She might just have the flu.monospaced
    • Me. I think at least.Longcopylover
    • Me too, as far as I know. But who knows in Aus as tests are like rocking horse shit, and twice the price.MrT
    • Me,..i think.ApeRobot
    • Me. Uruguay gave 2 Coronavac doses and a Pfizer booster. 60% of the population got the treatment. Seems to be working fine. Less than 10 deaths per week rn.maquito
    • ..following closely Israel and Chiles’ moves; we might as well have a 2nd Pfizer booster in April to keep up the antibodies.maquito
    • not yet, I mean not that I know ofoey_oey
    • I hate people. Nope haven't got it.pango
    • My pregnant wife and I got the flu bad in Feb 2020, nasal swab test & Tamiflu script. Have been hyper-vigilant since. We're getting boosters next weekwhatthefunk
    • Not yet, but I currently have a cold and will take a test today to find out.ShenanigansTV
    • Who's gonna be the last to get infected?pango

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