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    As an excavator crashes down on a pile of cut trees, an orangutan leaps down a large trunk, desperately trying to stop the machine with his hands.

    He tries clinging onto the cold metal, but slips and falls down into the stack of trees that were once his home. The rain pours down as, shaking, he struggles to climb back up again.

    The entire forest around him had been destroyed.


    • also that nft minting and bitcoin is good.. the rainforrest loves all that co2.neverscared
    • why do they still make houses out of wood in Tornado and hurricane areasGuyFawkes
    • theres a wood lobby in the states, just sayin'GuyFawkes
    • lots of indonesian forest gets destroyed to grow palm oil which goes into Nutella (2nd ingredient after sugar) and no-stir nut butters.sarahfailin
    • wood for homes in USA come from selective cutting in North America. nothing to do with Indonesiahotroddy
    • Quite curious how and an orangtan v fight would go down. Messy, I bet. Arms pulled out, bites...Brabo_Brabo
    • jep. what Sarah is saying. biggest problem is palm oilmilfhunter
    • don't forget about the FSC certified wood and paper scam(s)...it's a fucking mess.uan
    • Local economics and government are to blame.shapesalad
    • We're fucked up, sad.utopian
    • wasn't palmoil replaced in nutella years ago? +really that's the most greatest threat for palmtrees?sted
    • the problem with palm oil is its value in the industrial food market. so there is an incentive to get rid of rain forest and plant palm monocultures instead.uan
    • similar with fsc wood and paper, they replant the trees, but in monocultures. both of those practices reduce wildlife habitat spaces.uan
    • at least they replant now...but not in a way that saves nature. ultimately the solution is to reduce the consumerism mindset and reduce the market demand.uan
    • but you know...we are apes and we are wired to expand (even if survival is easy), we need to buy new stuff to reduce the pain.uan
    • Nothing to do with house building or bitcoin. All about Palm Oil.Hayzilla

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