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  • Ramanisky23

    • america is fucked thread. millions getting their DYOR and basing their world views from joe rogan podcast.inteliboy
    • this boy in the video is a moron who doesn't understand basic sentence structure.pr2
    • the study from Nature: under 40yo male - you are 1.5x more likely to get heart problems from vax than from covid. Period.pr2
    • the % notation from that article is more telling: 0.0015% vs 0.001% chance of getting heart muscle problems (which just go away after hours/days).uan
    • PR2 you are so full of shit. Here is the relevant quote and a link to the study so you can read it yourself.robotinc
    • "Second, in the same population, there was a greater risk of myocarditis, pericarditis and cardiac arrhythmia following SARS-CoV-2 infection."robotinc
    • https://www.nature.c…robotinc
    • "We estimate that the absolute number of excess myocarditis events in the 28 days following a first dose of adenovirus or mRNA vaccine is between one and /... "robotinc
    • " six per million persons vaccinated, and the excess risk following the second dose of the mRNA-1283 vaccine is ten per million. "robotinc
    • "By contrast, we estimate 40 excess myocarditis events per million in the 28 days following SARS-CoV-2 infection."robotinc
    • you my friend are as clueless as the boy in the video. "absolute number" is NOT <40.pr2
    • just like absolute death rate from covid is actually quite high because it included 65+yo who die from covid like flies.pr2
    • "Third, the increased risk of myocarditis after vaccination was higher in persons aged under 40 years. We estimated extra myocarditis events to be between 1 androbotinc
    • 10 per million persons in the month following vaccination, which was substantially lower than the 40 extra events per million persons observed followingrobotinc
    • SARS-CoV-2 infection."

      So yes < 40 is at greater risk that > 40 but still less than risks from infection.
    • Dude, are we reading the same paper (the one you linked to)? Cause the increased risk in <40 is all over it .pr2
    • Including the graphs.pr2

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