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  • cherub0

    I was giddy until I read the last two paragraphs, which were a disappointment.

    It's just our nature as men to always react like that when finding out our significant other had sex *gasp* with other men. A number of men, in fact.

    I probably would have reacted the same way.

    • She put it on the blockchain.palimpsest
    • I hear that and kind of agree. The main issue wasn't the "seqs"... it was the secrecy.catpower
    • Each partner needs to know the "risk profile" for diseases etc. I felt mislead. That's the issue. I miraculously made it out unscathed, but trust is broken.catpower
    • I hear you. It's not nothing. But I've tried to not react like that myself and couldn't overpower the "damn why didn't you tell me"cherub
    • I get that. She could have put off telling you about it for a while but she should have given you a head's up before the show.palimpsest
    • I'm just thankful to all the girls i knew and were open enough with me about these things so i never felt insecure or unsafe about any type of sex.sted
    • and I hope she fucked a few girls too.sted

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